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Happy Nurses Week from ANA-Vermont!

Posted 22 days ago

Happy Nurses Week from ANA-Vermont!

The American Nurses Association is celebrating National Nurses Week 2024 May 6th - May 12th. This year's theme, "Nurses Make the Difference," honors the incredible nurses who embody the spirit of compassion and care in every health care setting. 

Join us in recognizing the invaluable contributions of nurses worldwide. Whether you're a health care professional, a patient, or simply someone who appreciates nurses' dedication, this is your chance to express gratitude and support for their capability and fortitude.

Let’s come together to celebrate Nurses Week 2024 and show our appreciation for these extraordinary professionals!

Please visit the ANA Nurses Week Website for more information about the 2024 celebration activities including the Nurses Light Up the Sky Campaign and a Nurses Week Getaway Giveaway!  

Thank you to our Vermont nurses for all that you do, today and every day to advocate for the nursing profession and health for all people in Vermont.