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Happy Valentines Day

Posted 3 months ago by Meredith Roberts

Happy Valentines Day.

As we celebrate, we should remember that there are many who have lost loved ones this year. If you are with someone you love, remember to tell them you love them. If someone you love needs to get a vaccine and does not have transportation, help them make an appointment and to get to a vaccination site. You may be saving their life and yours. True love is caring more about others than yourself, but loving yourself as well. Take care of the ones you love around you by being sure you cannot give them COVID19.

As of Tuesday, those 70 and older can get vaccinated. By mid-March it is expected that those 65 and older will be vaccinated. Over 90% of those in assisted living in Vermont have been vaccinated. Love those around you and our nation. Get vaccinated. 

Dr Levine COVID 19 vaccinating

Sending you love - P.S. I have been vaccinated and am helping to vaccinate others. Please help too