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F35 Fly Over to honor caregivers, Studies show significant risks to health workers during pandemic, COVID risk of kidney injury and more

Posted 12 months ago by Meredith Roberts

Front Line medical staff tribute: F35's will be doing a Fly Over today at all hospitals in tribute to hospital care workers- a 90 minute event: F35s Offering Sky-High Salute To Local Hospital Workers

Findings -- nearly 47 percent of cases analyzed in six countries were linked to work places, most in healthcare -- suggest front-line workers need better protection, experts say. Read more:

Studies show significant risks to health workers during pandemic

A National Kidney Foundation-Harris survey found "surprisingly low levels of awareness" regarding the risk of a COVID-19 patient developing acute kidney injury or the effects of kidney damage on a long-term basis

I want to make sure you did not miss our Representative Mari Cordes RN discussing COVID19 as a front lines nurse, and climate change: VNRC video of Rep Mari Cordes RN