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F35 Fly Over to honor caregivers, Studies show significant risks to health workers during pandemic, COVID risk of kidney injury and more

Posted about 2 months ago by Meredith Roberts

Front Line medical staff tribute: F35's will be doing a Fly Over today at all hospitals in tribute to hospital care workers- a 90 minute event: F35s Offering Sky-High Salute To Local Hospital Workers

Findings -- nearly 47 percent of cases analyzed in six countries were linked to work places, most in healthcare -- suggest front-line workers need better protection, experts say. Read more:

Studies show significant risks to health workers during pandemic

A National Kidney Foundation-Harris survey found "surprisingly low levels of awareness" regarding the risk of a COVID-19 patient developing acute kidney injury or the effects of kidney damage on a long-term basis

I want to make sure you did not miss our Representative Mari Cordes RN discussing COVID19 as a front lines nurse, and climate change: VNRC video of Rep Mari Cordes RN