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From Exhausted to Extraordinary!

Posted 12 months ago by Meredith Roberts

From Exhausted to Extraordinary! A new partnership with the Healthy Workforce Institute!


These unusual COVID-19 times have taught us all so much and have encouraged some great new opportunities!

The NEMSD is proud to introduce a NEW partnership with the Healthy Workforce Institute! A percentage of the proceeds from online courses and resources goes directly to NEMSD to increase our ability to better serve your needs.

Known internationally for her work aimed at eradicating nurse bullying and incivility within the healthcare system, Dr. Renee Thompson and her team offer groundbreaking programs that strengthen organization infrastructure, equip leaders to better lead their teams and empower employees to bring their best to their work. Her offerings include programs, books, and resources for healthcare teams to reverse fatigue, increase energy and kind interactions, and help teams create healthy workforce cultures.

It's time for you and your colleagues to feel good again about the amazing work you're doing in healthcare!

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